Tool Hire

Tool Hire Mate Power Tools, we want to make sure you have everything you need to complete a job. Our quick and easy Tool Hire service means you’ll never be without the correct tools. We have a wide range of equipment for you to hire. From hand tools, like lawn mowers and power saws, to larger equipment such as concrete mixer and generator . Our tool hire selection covers every aspect of any project, including woodworking, decorating, masonry, and more. You can rent equipment over flexible time periods, from 24 hours to several weeks. Don’t forget, you can also place an order over the phone at +2347060744823.

Site Lighting, Heating & Electrical

Portable Generators

Portable Generators Find a portable generator hired at Mate Power Tools for electric power wherever you need it. Features wheeled options and generator power ranging from 2.7KVA to 5KVA.

Surface Compaction

Surface Compaction Hire surface compaction equipment in various specifications to fulfil a variety of jobs. We can provide a range of compaction tools, including plate compactors (also known as wacker plates), and vibrating compactors to help level out surfaces with ease. Use standard plate compactors for smoothing gravel and dirt, while vibrating roller compactors are great for preparing small areas or large roads.

Access Equipment Hire

Hire reliable access equipment from Mate Power Tools  to help you work at heights safely. Choose alloy access towers to reach any height indoors and outdoors. We also offer lightweight foldable platforms, ladders, and steps for simple solutions. Find stable staging boards for use with scaffolding, and be sure to check out handrails for extra security. Our access equipment is ideal for a wide range of work, including bricklaying, roofing, decorating, plastering, and more.

Water Storage Tank Hire

Hire reliable Water Storage Tank / Plastic Drum from Mate Power Tools  Our ruggedly constructed plastic water tanks are an excellent bulk water storage option. They are often  used as stand-alone units or as part of a temporary water supply network. Water tank rental is available on a short and long term hire basis.

Cleaning Equipment

Hire powerful cleaning equipment from Mate Power Tools  for great results. Use petrol or electric powered pressure washers for thorough cleaning.  Our industrial vacuums give top performance in wet and dry conditions. Be sure to check out our floor cleaning equipment, including carpet cleaners and hard floor polishers.